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Hello, I am Onekia Saba! 
This blog is dedicated to women on the mid-life journey who are moving from discovery to excellence!  Here you’ll find travel, fashion, and health & beauty from the perspective of a witty, black, middle-aged, military veteran blogger.
Tapping into 20 years of government, military and lifetime experience my passion is to curate products, services and events aimed at enhancing women’s everyday lives.  I welcome you and aim to build lasting relationships that sustain.  
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Miami Beach: Fun, Sun and that Food

There’s nothing like a vacation that satisfies all three of my favorite self-care spots: fun, sun and food!  My trip to Miami Beach last June did just that.  Fun and sun were first on the agenda and Miami is a hotbed of activity.  From beach walking, to shopping to cruising the strip to partying all night, Miami Beach gave me a bit of everything, and I did partake! 
But, that food…Miami Beach, hands down, has the best food and drinks of anywhere I’ve been! We walked a few blocks off the beaten path and found the most deliciously fresh and authentic food from a variety of cultures, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Lebanon, etc.  Red snapper, plantains, lamb chops, and my new favorite cocktail the Caipirinha, all delighted my taste buds and left me wondering why I’d never been to Miami before and when my next trip to Miami would be!  
Have you ever been to Miami Beach?  What did you do and more importantly what did you eat? LOL!
Tell me all about your experience in the comments below.
Thanks, Let me know if you have questions.